Bella u sobiWhat is influencing a good sleep?

The consequences of disturbed sleep are most felt after waking up, accompanied by fatigue and drowsiness.

Sleep hygiene is of utmost importance for a good and quality sleep that will ensure a feeling of alertness and freshness throughout the day. It is about the procedures, habits and environmental factors that are of utmost importance and most can be influenced. Daily rhythm is a day and night cycle that lasts for 24 hours and has a great impact on how, when and how long a person sleeps. As the daily rhythm is more stable, the sleep is better.

Different factors may affect the change in daytime rhythm, such as sleeping over the day, the time that you go to sleep, exercise, and especially exposure to light, which includes everything from traveling through different time zones to work on the computer until late at night. Aging also plays a role in sleep and sleep hygiene. After forty years of age there is a change of sleep rhythm, and a higher incidence of night-time waking than in youth.

These incidences not only directly affect sleep quality, but also interact with other conditions that can cause waking, such as symptoms that occur after drinking alcohol immediately before bedtime. As man wakes up more often at night, it is more likely that he will wake up tired and sleepy in the morning. Psychological factors that cause stress, such as deadlines and job crises, exams, or marital disagreements, make it difficult to fall into sleep or keep waking you up during the night.

It is important to know that it takes some time to relax after daily activities. If by the time you go to sleep you are still working or thinking of what happened to you during the past day or planning activities for the next day, it will not be possible to simply "shut down" and fall asleep the same second.

It is very important to come up with a pre-sleep ritual that will interrupt the connection between everything that causes stress and the moment you go to sleep. This may be especially important when it comes to children. The ritual can last from ten minutes to one hour, and its purpose is to relax. That can be achieved, for example by some light reading, meditation or hot bath. After that your sleep during the night will surely be better.

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