Momak i cura na bellaRecommendations for a good sleep

◦ One should not be watching television, eating or discussing emotional issues in bed. The bed should only serve for sleep and sex. Otherwise, you will start to associate the bed with other activities and it often become difficult to fall asleep.

◦ During sleep one needs to tune out the sounds and light, and avoid too high or low temperatures. It helps to use the earplugs, blinds on the windows and the electric blanket, or the air conditioner.

◦ It is good to avoid drinking liquids after 8 am, which will reduce need for urination and number of waking during the night.

◦ Daily sleep is not recommended, except for a short rest of 10-15 minutes approximately eight hours after waking. However, people who have difficulty falling asleep should completely avoid daily sleep.

◦ If you need to get up at night you should avoid being exposed to strong light. Using a small night lamp will be enough.

◦ Nicotine is a stimulant and certainly should not be consumed, especially immediately before sleep or if you wake up at night. Cigarette before bedtime, although it seems relaxing, actually is not.

◦ Caffeine is another stimulant, and is found in coffee, some juice, tea, chocolate and various medicines that can be obtained without a prescription. Caffeine should be avoided at least four to six hours before bedtime.

◦ Although the alcohol initially calms you down and can make it easier to fall asleep, during sleep it breaks down and is excreted from the body, which often causes awakening, nightmares and sweating. So, along with nicotine and caffeine, it belongs to the group to be avoided.

◦ A light meals may make it easier to fall asleep, but consuming a large amount of food just before going to bed will certainly have a negative effect on sleep. It is recommended to avoid proteins and replace them by carbohydrates or dairy products. The milk contains the amino acid L tryptophan for which studies have shown that it helps people to easier fall asleep. So a glass of milk and crackers (which do not contain chocolate) will come in well, and it also tastes good.

◦ Intense exercise before bedtime, especially in people who are energized by it, may make it difficult to fall asleep. It is better to practice late afternoon, although studies show that exercise before bedtime is not as bad as we used to think, except for people who are energized by it.

◦ Very often, pet owners allow their pets to sleep in their bed. However, animal’s movements during the night and possible allergies to pet’s hair may also have a negative effect on sleep. Therefore, it is better for a pet to sleep in its own bed.

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